Encouragement (4/2/14)

A friend of mine had a cornea transplant. I went with him to have the surgery and also to his first follow-up visit.

It’s a fairly painful recovery, with your eye constantly feeling scratchy which makes your head hurt. So by the time that follow-up visit rolled around, my friend was pretty tired of the whole affair and feeling a little down.
At least that’s how he went into the follow-up visit. But when he came out, he was a new man.
“The doctor said I’ve improved 250% in only two weeks!” he told me. “I’m making great progress.”
My friend left the doctor’s office a different man than one who came in. He was encouraged.
And you know, sometimes that’s all you need—a word of encouragement, the assurance that you’re making great progress; that it’ll be all right.
Today when you see someone who looks like they’re struggling, help them and give them an encouraging word. They’ll be better for it…and so will you! 
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