Clone Joke

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Clone Joke

A scientist managed to clone himself, but the clone had one major flaw - it couldn't stop swearing and behaving in a disgusting manner.

The scientist knew that although he had made one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history, there was no way he could present such an embarrassing example to the world's press, so he decided to kill the clone and make a less offensive replica of himself.

The scientist took the clone to the top of a high cliff with the intention of pushing him over the edge.

"Where are you f-ing taking me, you silly old c**t?" asked the clone as they walked along the cliff edge.
"Just for a nice bit of fresh air" said the scientist, unconvincingly.
"You're going to f-ing push me over the ******* cliff aren't you, you f-wit!" screamed the clone as he tried to run away.
Unfortunately for the clone, this proved somewhat difficult as he had his trousers around his ankles and was quickly caught by the scientist and tripped up.

Quick as a flash, the scientist rolled him off the edge of the cliff and watched him fall to his death.

Several weeks went by and the scientist was wracked with guilt and decided to go to the police. Based on the fact that the clone was not officially alive, he was sure he would get away with it.

In the police station he told his story, confident that he could not be charged with anything. After much deliberation the chief inspector decided to arrest the scientist.
The scientist was shocked and asked on what charge was his arrest based on.

"Well sir, I am arresting you for making an obscene clone fall."