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FestivALL a success

This was the last weekend for the 6th Annual FestivALL and thousands turned out for it. The Children's Art Fair and Kanawha County Public Library Street Fair in front of the library were a big draw, and more than sixty artists showed their wares at the Capitol Street Art Fair. During its run, FestivALL has grown from a four day schedule to ten days. The Art Walk was something new this year that drew more people than expected, so that will be repeated next year.

County realizes bulk fuel savings

Back in 2002, the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority was trying to find ways to save money and landed on the idea of bulk fuel, where a lot of fuel could be purchased at a set price and market fluctuations would not matter. The Kanawha County Commission learned last week at a meeting that the total savings from that program in the past ten years has reached almost one million dollars. The total savings from buying bulk fuel is over $940,000. Most of that is gas, but over $350,000 of it is diesel. Agencies that use the bulk fuel include the Kanawha County Sheriff's department, Parks and Rec, and the assessor's office.

Boaters and alcohol don't mix

It's being engrained in the minds of boaters this summer that BUI's are possible. A "boating under the influence" charge can bring harsh punishment, and conservation officers conducted an annual crackdown over the weekend. Officers were out looking for boaters with blood alcohol levels that exceed the limit of .08 percent. The Coast Guard has said recreational boating deaths are up, and as of last year reached their highest level since 1998. Even though the crackdown is over, law enforcement officers are still watching the water.

Fireworks still illegal in West Virginia

The Fourth of July is next week, and officials are sending the reminder taht fireworks are prohibited in West Virginia. That includes not only the sale of them, but also possession and use. Prohibited fireworks include Roman candles, firecrackers, torpedoes and skyrockets, according to the state fire code. Sparklers and novelty items like glow worms, party poppers and snappers are okay. There was a bill before state lawmakers this year that would have legalized fireworks with a ten percent safety fee, but that died in committee.

Chesapeake robber may target the elderly

Police think an intruder may be targeting the elderly in Chesapeake. An elderly woman over the weekend woke up to find a man in her bedroom who ran out with her purse. He got in through a window. Another man had his home broken into after he fell asleep. Chesapeake police have no leads. A town hall meeting is planned for July 2 where some residents will ask for more police patrols.

Police called to pellet gun shooting

Charleston police were called to a shooting last night on Charleston's west side along Central Avenue, and when they got there they discovered it was a pellet gun that was involved. A St. Albans man was shot in the back five times and sustained just minor injuries. A suspect has been identified, but there have been no arrests. The man who was shot has been treated and released.

Institute man killed in pedestrian accident

58-year old Charles White of Institute was killed Thursday morning when he was hit by a truck along West Virgina 25. The Kanawha County Sheriff's Dept. says White was walking along the road near the Go-Mart at about 7:45 a.m. yesterday when he stepped into the path of a tractor-trailer. Witnesses said the driver could not have avoided hitting White, according to the sheriff's department. The accident is still under investigation. White was taken to Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston, where he was pronounced dead.

South Charleston building could become Tech center

A Hurricane-based company is buying a South Charleston building with the goal to turn it into a disaster recovery facility that could be used by technology companies from across the country. Doug Tate owns Alpha Technologies in Hurricane and would buy Building 6000 at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park in South Charleston. The WV Economic Development Authority has given preliminary approval to a $2.7 million loan for the transaction.

Keep the lawn nice and neat in Dunbar

In case you missed it, living in Dunbar means you have to keep your lawn nice and neat. The city council this week passed an ordinance regarding overgrown lawns, that requires property owners to keep their grass under nine inches high. Fines can go up to $500 for those that let the grass get too long. The new ordinance also aims to keep junk and trash bags out of the yard. Anything that devalues the property becomes a target.

Bank robbery leads to two arrests

A bank robbery early yesterday morning at the Charleston Town Center mall has police investigating. Two men with guns robbed the United Bank branch just as the bank was getting ready to open. Charleston police report one of the two men banged on the glass at the bank, and when a bank employee came near, he allegedly pulled a gun and aimed it at her through the glass. She let the men into the bank. The men went through cash drawers and took off with an undisclosed amount. They were caught near Martin Luther King Center and Washington Manor. 40-year old Billy Reed of West Virginia and 20-year old Anthony Williams of Florida were arrested. Police say the men had been staying at the shelter on Leon Sullivan Way.

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