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Nurse Sues Hospital Over Flu Shot

A South Charleston hospital is being sued by a nurse who says she was required to get a flu shot despite being allergic to the vaccine. Susan Dean's lawsuit says a new policy at Thomas Memorial Hospital required her to prove her allergy, even though she had a reaction to a flu shot administered by another Thomas nurse 15 years ago. To keep her job, the lawsuit says Dean underwent allergy testing last October and had a reaction. Since then, she has been hospitalized several times and is unable to work. The Charleston Gazette says Dean filed the lawsuit last week in Kanawha County Circuit Court. Hospital spokeswoman Paige Johnson tells the newspaper that the hospital carefully considers exemptions and makes provisions for individual situations.

Battle Continues For Control of the Senate

Democratic women are teaming up to raise campaign cash in key states that will help decide the Senate majority. Incumbent senators and hopefuls formed the Blue Senate 2014 joint fundraising committee on Aug. 13. The candidates involved are Sen. Kay Hagan in North Carolina, Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, Natalie Tennant in West Virginia and Michelle Nunn in Georgia. In 2012, President Barack Obama lost four of the women's five states, including West Virginia. Republicans need to pick up six Senate seats to take the majority from Democrats.

Two Still Sought After Foodland Robbery

More arrests now in a Foodland robbery. Charleston police say a juvenile has been taken into custody. That person was the lookout while the robbery was going on. Police are still looking for Alisyn Proctor and Telisa McCauley, whom police say acted as getaway drivers and were promised $3,000 if they followed through. 18-year olds John Proctor III and Ricky Patterson have already been arrested, along with one other juvenile. Proctor is accused of shooting the store's clerk, Shawna Sampson in the chest then stealing money from the cash drawer. He used to work at the store. Anyone with information on where Alisyn Proctor and Telisa McCauley might be are urged to contact Charleston police.

Charges Are Dropped Against High Court Justice's Son

Charges have been dropped against the son of a West Virginia Supreme Court Justice. 27-year old Edward Gardner was arrested two weeks ago after initial reports said his sister, Lindsay Gardner, was found beaten and bloody in a ditch in Kanawha City. The Kanawha County Prosecutor's Office issued a statement Wednesday saying that wasn't true, and that there was a disagreement but Lindsay fell and struck her head, and wasn't beaten by her brother. Their mother is Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman.

New Reports Criticizes Chemical Spill Response

A federal report says West Virginia public health officials weren't trained to respond to a January chemical spill along the Elk River. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the state Bureau for Public Health had no epidemiologists trained specifically to deal with chemical or natural disasters. Instead, those who focus on infectious diseases led the bureau's response to the spill Jan. 9 spill at Freedom Industries. The report says the bureau's epidemiologists received training to chemical exposure assessment in late March, and says an epidemiologist who is focused in this area could rapidly coordinate a response in the event of an environmental disaster. State epidemiologist Dr. Loretta Haddy said Tuesday the bureau is reviewing the report.

Panel To Hear Plants' Petition

A three-judge panel will hear a petition seeking Kanawha County prosecutor Mark Plants' removal from office. The Kanawha County Commission filed the petition on Friday in circuit court. The petition says Plants isn't performing the duties of his office. On Tuesday, West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Robin Davis appointed Preston County Circuit Judge Lawrance Miller, Berkeley County Circuit Judge Christopher Wilkes and Pleasants County Circuit Judge Tim Sweeney to hear the petition. Plants faces charges of domestic battery involving his son and violating a domestic-violence protection order.

Study Underway On Craft Beer Industry

A legislative committee has requested a study on whether West Virginia's small craft beer industry is unfairly burdened by regulations meant to govern large beer distributors. Blackwater Brewing Co. owner and brewer Lincoln Wilkins in Davis says brewers can face thousands of dollars in licensing fees in order to produce and sell craft beers. He says every step aimed at expansion is met with more fees and licensing requirements. The Legislature's Joint Commission on Economic Development requested a study of the craft beer industry, and will look into the requirements.

Mitt Romney Stops in WV Today

Former republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in West Virginia to campaign for candidates here. Romney will campaign with Shelley Moore Capito, Evan Jenkins and Alex Mooney today, and he'll attend a fundraising event in Charleston along with a working for West Virginia jobs rally in Beckley.

Trial Underway After Trees Taken From Coonskin Park

The trial is underway for the man accused of illegally cutting down trees in Charleston after the 2012 derecho. David Bowen is accused of stealing trees and selling the lumber from Cooksin Park. He was okayed to cut down some trees at the park after the storm, but those who looked into it said he took more trees than he should have to make a profit. Bowen pleaded not guilty at a hearing back in July, and this is the trial phase that continues now.

Man's Attack in St. Albans Is Under Investigation

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident in the South Charleston area after a car was stopped for speeding in on MacCorkle Avenue. The driver was covered in blood, and the sheriff's office says that driver, George L. McColgan III of South Charleston told police he was lured to an Oliver Street, St. Albans home on the pre-tense of repaying a drug debt by doing some mechanical work on a car. Instead he was battered, and to escape the assault he jumped into his car to leave as the attackers threw rocks and cinderblocks at his car shattering window glass. McColgan also reported one of the attackers fired a pistol at his car but he wasn't hit. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office at at

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