The Famous WQBE Rabbit

Without doubt the most famous radio personality in Charleston!

When there’s a country music event in Charleston, the WQBE Rabbit is likely to be nearby. You'll see him at country concerts, festivals, live broadcasts, sporting events, or perhaps just resting beside a nearby tree. Over the years the WQBE Rabbit has welcomed hundreds of country music stars to our area. He has helped with countless fundraising events. And he has shook the hands of thousands of WQBE listeners and fans. Just keep watching for him because whenever the Rabbit is around there's sure to be FUN going on!

A True Rabbit Tale

Some folks say that Mommy Rabbit told them that in the last few weeks before the birth of her new baby bunny, she would feel a soft thump, thump, thump in her tummy when she listened to country music on the phonograph. It was as if a tiny little paw was keeping time to the tune. And, Mommy Rabbit said nothing would calm Baby Bunny’s whimpering quicker than a transistor radio tuned to WQBE sitting beside the little bunny bassinet. When Baby Bunny would cry Mommy Rabbit would tune the transistor to a great country song. Before long a little paw would be tapping against the side of the crib...keeping time to the tune as Baby Bunny peacefully slumbered.

Like all little bunnies do, Baby Bunny grew and grew and soon Baby Bunny was a lanky young Rabbit. While his adolescent years were mostly unremarkable, it was widely rumored that he could hop a little faster and jump a little higher than most of the other rabbits in the woods. The WQBE RabbitIt was also known that he loved to slip away, down to the edge of the briar patch where old man Jones had a general store.

Maybe it was the carrots that old man Jones always kept, fresh and ready, in the produce baskets by the window. Or, maybe it was the music that the mountain boys made on their acoustic instruments on the porch of the store after the plowing was done. Whatever the reason, our young Rabbit could often be found sitting cross-legged on the steps of the store, nibbling on a carrot, with one foot tapping to the tunes the boys were playing.

The scene was such one summer afternoon when Al Woody stopped by the store for a soda. Al, stepped out of his truck and soon was sitting on the steps beside the young Rabbit enjoying the music while he sipped his soda. Shortly he too was tapping his foot because the music was really good and it is hard to refrain from a little toe tapping when good music is playing. In a short time a conversation commenced because both young Rabbit and Al Woody are the friendly sort.

Well, the music kept playing, and the toes kept tapping, and Al and young Rabbit kept talking until the sun was sinking low in the westward sky. No one knows exactly what the two of them talked about that day, but toward sundown they were seen shaking on a deal that had been struck. Al Woody’s honest hand and young Rabbit’s sinewy paw clasp in agreement that the young Rabbit would come to work for WQBE as official Station Mascot and Goodwill Ambassador. It is believed that it was then and there that the Rabbit suggested the slogan "Twenty-Four Carrot Country" to describe both the music he loves and the carrots he craves.

And, so it came to be. The Rabbit packed his bags, kissed Mommy Rabbit on the cheek, and left the briar patch. After making a quick stop at old man Jones’ store for a fresh supply of carrots, the Rabbit waved to the mountain boys playing tunes out front and came to live in the big city. The WQBE RabbitIt should be noted that the Rabbit did linger just a short time to listen to the mountain boys’ music while he munched on a carrot before he hopped on down the path to Charleston.

Now, the Rabbit is seen everywhere with the WQBE gang. At live broadcasts he hands out prizes and poses for pictures with the kids…and with some grownups, too. In parades he waves and tosses out candy. At concerts he is the center of attention until the big-name country stars take the stage. Then he can often be seen sitting in the audience with that lucky Rabbit’s foot patting on the floor in time with the music. The Rabbit has been seen at fairs and festivals, parties and picnics, school events and community occurrences. As the station’s mascot the Rabbit has enjoyed meeting thousands of WQBE listeners and hundreds of the biggest stars of country music. Wherever there is fun and country music, the Rabbit is likely to be nearby.

Still to this day the Rabbit absolutely loves his job; that’s easy for anyone to see. And, to this day the friendship between Al Woody and the Rabbit still continues. Both still enjoy good country music and both still enjoy slipping away to old man Jones’ store once in a while to sit and talk and "toe-tap" for a spell.