11/11/13 Charlie Violates Gag Order

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Monday, November 11, 2013


JUSTIN BIEBER was reportedly kicked out of a Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina . . . because his fans were camping outside the place and causing all kinds of damage.   And other hotels didn't want him . . . because they didn't want to deal with that insanity.  Justin had a sold-out gig in Buenos Aires yesterday.  There's no word where he and his crew ended up staying.


An anonymous source at child services says CHARLIE SHEEN, quote, "cares more about his drugs and porn stars than he does the kids."  Meanwhile, BROOKE MUELLER'S brother was given custody of their twins on Friday. As usual, Charlie dealt with this the mature way:  By going off on everybody on Twitter.  He said the boys were in "grave danger" from "a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes." He also called Brooke "an Adderall-snorting husk" . . . and referred to the judge overseeing the case as, quote, "anus-brain." This violates a GAG ORDER that the judge had put in place . . . and it COULD mean jail time for Charlie.  We haven't heard yet whether the judge is going to lock him up or not.


In a recent legal deposition, TOM CRUISE compared making movies to fighting in Afghanistan.  But his attorney says he didn't mean to say making movies was just as hard.  He says, quote, "What Tom said, laughingly, was that sometimes, 'That's what it feels like.'"  He added that Tom is, quote, "a staunch supporter of our troops."