2/19/21 Miley's Tour Being Cancelled?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday, we heard "sources" say that CHARLIE SHEEN will get a prenup before marrying porno minx BRETT ROSSI.  But that's NOT the case.  Charlie says, quote, "Prenups poison marriages." Charlie says they're going into it with this simple agreement . . . quote, "You keep your [crap] and I'll keep mine."


VH1 is developing an absurd reality show called "Naked Dating", which is exactly what it sounds like.  Each episode has a man and a woman dating two different people . . . and they're all nude.  There's no word on a host yet . . . and there's no premiere date either.


Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour has been a bit controversial and too raunchy for some people. Parents who have taken their children to see Miley aren’t pleased at all and some are trying to have the tour cancelled. MusicFix reports that Miley’s management team has been getting a ton of complaints saying that she has taken it too far in her performance. Her management team has all been called in for an emergency meeting because of the amount of people who want to pull she show. So far, Miley has been on stage in a revealing body suit covered in marijuana leaves, riding a hot dog, pretending to give oral sex to a man in a Bill Clinton mask, basically pleasuring herself on top of a car and of course, twerking.