6/25/14 Bieber in Car Accident

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The tabloids have JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX breaking up just about every other day.  But it sounds like things are fine between them . . . especially since Justin just said he wants to spend ETERNITY with her. Justin stars in a new HBO series called "The Leftovers", which is about the people left behind after the Rapture.  So "People" asked him what he'd hate to leave behind if he were called up suddenly. And he picked Jennifer.  He said, quote, "That's who I'd want to bring back.  That's who I'd want to bring with me."


JUSTIN BIEBER was involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills yesterday, but he DID NOT DIE. Justin was a passenger in an Escalade that was being chased by the paparazzi.  The car was going pretty fast trying to lose them, and was hit by a BMW that pulled out of a parking structure. Justin immediately jumped out of the Escalade with his head covered, got into another car and sped off.


Kanye West is installing an in-home hospital suite in his new Los Angeles mansion to protect his wife Kim and their 1-year-old daughter from any medical threats. A source said, ''The special suite will include an X-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound and blood-taking facilities. --Other celebrities such as Mad­onna have taken similar measures in the past, but not on such a grand and costly scale.” The suite will allow the family to monitor their sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure, and they will also have a team of private doctors around the clock.