7/25/14 Charlize & Sean Engaged?

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Earlier this week we heard that ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON'S house was on the market.  That was a pretty strong hint that things weren't going to work out. And now the word is that Robin has indeed admitted that the entire album he dedicated to Paula isn't going to get her back . . . even though it had a song on it CALLED "Get Her Back".  A source says Robin is done begging and has decided to move on, and an attorney is already working on a financial settlement.  One thing Robin is firm on, though, is that he won't be the one to file for divorce.


CHARLIZE THERON was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger . . . which would suggest that SEAN PENN proposed, and she said yes.  But that might not be the case. E! Online says Charlize's new piece of jewelry is an 18-karat yellow gold Anita Ko Leaf Ring . . . which sells for $4,900.  And that would be on the CHEAP side as celebrity engagement rings go.


BRITNEY SPEARS left her dermatologist's office yesterday with some pamphlets . . . including one for ZERONA . . . which is a LASER FAT REMOVAL TREATMENT According to the website, the treatment is a, quote, "non-invasive body contouring procedure [designed] to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods."


Alec Baldwin was in court yesterday regarding the May 2014 incident in which Baldwin was stopped for riding his bike the wrong way down a street before being taken into police custody for disorderly conduct. Baldwin refused to apologize. He told the judge that he would rather pay a fine then apologize for the incident. The judge then asked him if he could stay out of trouble and he said, "sure".