9/10/11 Sharon Osbourne had Famous Fling

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013
MILEY CYRUS released her "Wrecking Ball" video yesterday. It features her riding a wrecking ball NAKED, French-kissing a sledgehammer and wearing a tight, white wifebeater and no bra. You know, the usual.
After MILEY CYRUS twerked at the "VMAs", she got more attention from Americans on the Internet than ANY news about our possible military intervention in Syria. How much more attention? Try 12 TIMES MORE. There were more than twice as many stories about Syria . . . but Miley stories got 12 times more reads.
Miley Cyrus stopped by a coffee shop yesterday in Amsterdam. It's no secret that coffee shops in the city let patrons smoke marijuana. Miley showed up with a group of friends and at ten in the morning and ended up staying for SEVEN hours.
SHARON OSBOURNE admitted on "The Talk" yesterday that she had a "fling" with JAY LENO when she was 25. That was 35 years ago, when Jay was around 28. This was a few years before Jay married his wife Mavis. Sharon said she can't remember if the sex was good, but Jay was a good kisser.
KRISTEN STEWART raised $500,000 for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort by hanging out with a Middle Eastern prince . . . for 15 MINUTES. Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN says it all happened when the unidentified prince approached organizers of last year's "12-12-12" benefit concert and offered cash for Kristen's time. Kristen got his offer up to half a million bucks, and once it was paid in advance, she, quote, "sat with the guy for 15 minutes."