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2/12/14 O.J. Goes on Hunger Strike

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Forbes.com has just released their annual list of the Most Trustworthy Celebrities.  TOM HANKS was #1, followed by CAROL BURNETT and MORGAN FREEMAN.   No one in the Top 10 is younger than 50.


PAULA DEEN was ROCKED last June, after admitting to using the N-word . . . even though she INSISTED she's not racist.  In the aftermath, she was dropped from the Food Network and lost a ton of endorsements. However, she's poised to make a comeback, because her company has just received a BIG investment, which is reportedly worth between $75 million and $100 million.  There's no word what she has in the works, but it might involve a return to TV.


Julia Roberts' half-sister may have killed herself in a deliberate attempt to harm Julia’s career and hurt her chances of winning an Oscar at this year's Academy Awards. The brother of Nancy Motes’ fiancé (Connor Dilbeck) said 'We are talking about people who are powerful, people who are in the limelight. Their power can be destroyed very easily if unfortunate things make them look more wicked. They have to be careful. It can destroy their career or their Academy Award.' A source said, 'Julia tried in vain over the years, even in the last six months, to get Nancy to go to rehab. Nancy refused the offers and that is when she would often publicly lash out at Julia. It hurt Julia, but she knew her sister was battling addiction.' Connor Dilbeck said Julia inflicted 'pure cruelty' on her sister and Nancy's suicide letter was a desperate attempt to expose the alleged treatment. Conner claimed the note is eight pages long, not five, and Julia is said to be 'terrified' about it coming out.


OJ Simpson has apparently gone on a hunger strike in prison. He said, 'I used to live my way, and now I'm going to die my way.' OJ is serving out a kidnapping, assault and robbery sentence in a Nevada prison, but he is reportedly so depressed that he wants to 'just sit down in a corner and die'.

2/12/14 AskMen's Most Desirable Women

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


EMILIA CLARKE from "Game of Thrones" tops this year's AskMen.com list of the 99 Most Desirable Women.  Last year's winner, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, dropped to FOURTH. In between them are ALISON BRIE from "Community" and EMILY RATAJKOWSKI from the "Blurred Lines" video.  EMMA WATSON rounds out the Top 5. MILEY CYRUS made the list for the FIRST TIME EVER, believe it or not.  She just barely squeaked in at #99.


After that video of JUSTIN BIEBER being FRISKED in jail was released, his lawyers moved to block any more video from coming out. They said it was because Justin was also, quote, "captured on videotape in various states of undress, which show intimate personal parts of [his] body." Well, TMZ says the unreleased footage shows Justin PEEING in his holding cell.  It's not clear if he just whips it out and pees on the floor . . . like he did last summer when he relieved himself in a restaurant's mop bucket . . . or if there was a toilet in the cell. Bieber seemed fairly sober in the frisking video . . . but this other footage supposedly shows him, quote, "stumbling around while he was taking his tests."  If that's the case, you can see why his legal team would want to keep it under wraps.


Former NBC news anchor TOM BROKAW has revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer last August.  He has "multiple myeloma" . . . a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow . . . but his doctors are "optimistic" about how he's responding to treatment.


Five European MICHAEL JACKSON fans who sued DR. CONRAD MURRAY over his death won their case.  A judge awarded them ONE EURO apiece, which comes out to $1.36.  They don't want the money, though.  What they REALLY want is access to Michael's grave, which is closed to the public.


NBC News is reporting that PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN had two diaries, where he wrote about his struggles with "demons" and his attempts to stay clean by attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Some of the entries may have been written while he was high . . . because they went from being readable to illegible, and were, quote, "difficult to follow."

2/11/14 Julia Roberts Sister Found Dead

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Former "Saturday Night Live" star CHRIS KATTAN was busted for DUI early yesterday morning in L.A., after he veered onto a closed section of a highway and smashed into a construction truck.  Supposedly he admitted he was on prescription drugs, and there's video of his failed field sobriety test online.


News Flash:  Sometimes the media gets its predictions wrong.  HORRIBLY wrong.  Here's a collection of nine magazine predictions that didn't exactly pan out:

In 2002, "Newsweek" magazine ran a cover proclaiming M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN "The Next Spielberg".

A 2001 "Us Weekly" cover promised to explain how BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON are "making it work . . . in a year of breakups."

LANCE ARMSTRONG was "Sports Illustrated's" 2002 Sportsman of the Year.

In 2007, "People" magazine said that BILLY RAY CYRUS was, quote, "Raising a Teen Star (The Right Way!)".  And yes, they were talking about MILEY.

In 2010, "OK!" magazine broke the "news" that SURI CRUISE was getting a baby brother.

As JAY LENO was preparing to take over the "Tonight Show", fellow late-night host ARSENIO HALL was on the cover of "Entertainment Weekly" saying, quote, "I'm Gonna Kick Leno's Ass".

In May of 1978, "Time" magazine's cover boy was a 30-year-old PRINCE CHARLES, who was described as "The Man Who Would Be King".  Thirty-six years later, he's still waiting.


JULIA ROBERTS' half-sister Nancy Motes was found dead on Sunday of an apparent drug overdose.  She was 37. Julia hasn't commented directly . . . but the family released a statement saying, quote, "There is no official report from the Coroner's office yet.  The family is both shocked and devastated." Last August, Nancy said she was "incredibly hurt and very sad" over some "not-so-nice" comments Julia allegedly made to her over the years about her weight.  At the time, she said their relationship was, quote, "a work in progress."


The Los Angeles District Attorney has two key pieces of evidence it says help them in prosecuting Justin Bieber in last month's egg-throwing incident. According to TMZ, the DA's office has surveillance footage that was seized during the raid of Bieber's house which shows he was right there as the eggs were being thrown at his neighbor's house, although it doesn't actually show him throwing them. They're also using the video supplied by the neighbor in which Bieb’s voice is allegedly heard yelling and swearing at the neighbor. The DA is expected to file criminal charges. A decision is likely to come down this week.

2/10/14 Eastwood Saves a Life

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Monday, February 10, 2014


Video of JUSTIN BIEBER being searched after he was arrested in Miami last month hit the web over the weekend.  And Justin's lawyers don't want any more of it released.  They told a judge there's video that shows, quote, "intimate personal parts" of Justin's body. And speaking of Justin's arrest, TMZ got a hold of the GPS records for his rented Lamborghini, and he was hitting speeds of up to 136 miles per hour in the hours before his arrest.


WOODY ALLEN responded this weekend to the allegations that he molested his daughter.  He accuses MIA FARROW of making the whole thing up to get him back for having an affair with her adopted daughter SOON-YI PREVIN.  He also says this is the last time he or anyone who represents him will talk about it.


CLINT EASTWOOD saved a man's life last week, when the dude started choking on a piece of CHEESE at a golf event in California. Clint performed the Heimlich maneuver . . . for the first time EVER . . . and added, quote, "I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes.  It looked bad." The man who he saved said, quote, "I can't believe I'm 202 pounds and he threw me up in the air three times."  He also said that this was the SECOND time in his life that someone had to perform the Heimlich on him.


Bruce Jenner’s sons say he’s going through an identity crisis. There have been rumors that Bruce is going through a sex change and has been spotted out with long hair and fingernails. Brandon and Brody Jenner admit their dad is definitely having a moment….an identity crisis. Sources say while the boys haven’t come out and asked their dad if he is transitioning to becoming a woman, it has definitely crossed their minds.

2/7/14 Charlie Threatens Ashton

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Friday, February 7, 2014


For OPRAH WINFREY, the best thing about being 60 is that she can finally CHILL.  She says, quote, "You are through with the bull[crap] . . . You are chilled, and you have nothing to prove, and you can sit above that perch with a sense of knowing that you are who you want to be, inside and out, and it's good.  Life is good."


This week, ASHTON KUTCHER called out CHARLIE SHEEN for slamming the work he's doing on "Two and a Half Men".  Now, Charlie is apologizing to Ashton . . . but he's also THREATENING him, saying that if Ashton ever calls him out again he'll "put him on a hospital food diet for a year."


In a "60 Minutes" interview from 1992, WOODY ALLEN showed a Valentine he received from MIA FARROW.  It was a picture of Mia and her kids, with metal skewers and a steak knife stabbed through it.  He also said she frequently threatened to kill him and cut out his eyes.


LEONARDO DICAPRIO has been in Hollywood for well over 20 years . . . but he's never once done drugs.  He says, quote, "Never done it.  That's because I saw this stuff literally every day [in my neighborhood] when I was three or four years old.  So Hollywood was a walk in the park for me."


This week, SELENA GOMEZ'S rep confirmed that Selena spent two weeks in rehab last month . . . but said it was NOT for substance abuse. Now, TMZ is claiming it was a six-week program . . . but that Selena BAILED after two weeks, against the advice of "medical professionals."  They claim she was there because she has issues with alcohol, pot and the prescription drug Ambien.


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