Morning Air Show

Ring Tones for Larger Boobs!

Dr. Hideto Tomabechi has been studying  sounds for nearly 15 years. For the 15 years he researched, he has found out that specific noises can change someone physically and mentally. He shows an example by editing a baby’s cry into a ring tone, and letting a woman listen to it for 10 days, 20 times a day to make her breast grow bigger (does that mean no more silicone?).


Kim Wants a Monkey?

The Kardashians decided what the family needed was a chimp! After a lady was attacked a few weeks ago, this may not be a smart choice...but hey Al, ain't he cute??


Customize Keith Urban's Video

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Customize Keith's Video Sweet Thing

World's Longest Finger Nails BREAK!

Lee Redmond used to have the world's longest fingernails...but a car wreck broke em...all of em! Check out the video below. Watch her cook and clean and drive!


A 9 Year Old in Oklahoma Bagged a 41 Point Buck!

If you will notice in the pictures, there is electric fencing wire all in his horns. That wire had mysteriously went missing from his papa's black-eyed pea patch.

Rumor has it that Cabelas has offered $150,000 for the deer.

41 Point Buck

41 Point Buck