Act on your Dreams (5/20/14)

All of us have certain things or people that we really love. You have some activities that you absolutely love to do. You are passionate about particular aspects of life much more so than others.

Well, let me ask you: how much do you act on these desires?
It’s one thing to say, “I love my family” but if you’re rarely with them because you’re working all the time, you have to wonder how much you really love them. Or, if you love kayaking, and you dream of owning a business up in the mountains that teaches people to kayak and takes them down rivers, and you have a kayak but it hasn’t been in the water in the last six months, do you really love kayaking? Or, do you just love the idea of kayaking?
Desire without action is just a dream. Every one of us has a desire born into us. Unfortunately, many of us die without ever realizing that desire. Look for ways you can act on your desire so that you live a better life. The life you dream about!