Are You In The Picture? (1/26/10)

While thumbing through the pictures, I remembered a story Pastor Dan Rhodes told me last year.Dan is the pastor of two rural churches in Colorado and stays busy.Like most pastors, he has plenty to do, but by being the pastor of two churches, he has twice the committee meetings, and twice the worship services.

As Dan tells the story, his daughter's third grade teacher requested a parent teacher conference with him.His wife usually took care of those conferences, but the teacher wanted to see him, not his wife.

At her insistence, he made an appointment to drop by the school in the afternoon. 'I wanted you to see this drawing your daughter made of your family.' She said.Dan looked at the drawing and asked, 'Where am I?' 'That's why I called you down here today, I asked your daughter the same question and she said you're never home so she left you out of the picture.'

A Mike Tyson punch couldn't hurt any more than her words.Dan made some radical changes in his behavior and found that he could do his job and be a good father.

Are you in the picture with your family?