Ash Wednesday (2/22/12)

From Diana Reed

I heard you mention on the air that it was hard to find something to give up for Lent, since you already can't eat anything much. Thought I's share what our minister said...

"Giving Up" doesn't have to be food, drink, or snacks. If you have a bad habit or attitude you'd like to work on - give it up for Lent. If you have a problem with a negative or sarcastic attitude, give it up for Lent. If you bite your nails, or smoke, or chew gum - anything you'd be a better without - give it up for Lent. If you are a pessimist, try being an optimist.

That's the first time I'd heard of anyone giving up anything except food or drink. but now I give up something that will hopefully make me a better person.

Anyway  - It's worth a try!