Chick-fil-A (10/22/12)

A true story.....
In the town of Boone, NC,  8 years ago this summer, a Chick-fil-A was built and all the parents and children were thrilled to have a restaurant with great food and an awesome indoor playground. But there was one little girl who couldn't enjoy the food because her chemo treatments made all food tasteless. She was most disappointed, however, that she was not able to play on the new, really awesome-looking playground that she saw so often on the way to the dr office. This was because her immune system was nearly non-existent, and her parents and doctors were concerned that she might pick up a bad germ. On one particular day that she was at the doctor's office, the manager of Chick-fil-A (who just so happens to be the husband of her favorite nurse and was bringing her lunch) knelt down before the little girl and asked her if she had been to the new restaurant to play. The little girl (already upset because of finger pricks)...sadly explained her health issues and the reason for her absence at the really awesome playground. The man held her and cried with her. The next day, the little girl received a phone call from the man who asked us to meet him in the parking lot of Chick-fil-A the next SUNDAY after church. The mom said, "I thought you were closed on Sundays." He said, "We are, but I have a surprise for your little girl. Oh, and make sure she has play clothes and brings her best friend." That Sunday after church, the little girl, her mom and dad, her best friend and her mom went to Chick-fil-A.

The manager locked the door behind them, and, with his church clothes on, disinfected the entire play area from top to bottom...twice. He served them cold fountain drinks and ice-cream, and then played with the little girls until they could play no longer. The owner came in for a little while, and he also played with the girls, chatted with the parents, and made sure they had all they needed. I know this story to be true because the little girl is my daughter, Makala. She will never forget the sacrifice and kindness of these people. She will forever love Alex and Bing for loving her, and now that she is cancer free, Chick-fil-A has the best chicken in her opinion.