Declutter Your Life (8/4/14)

Some friends built a new house with all of the excitement of picking out colors and appliances and deciding where to hang the toilet paper roll. All of this excitement was accompanied by the reality of moving and going through all of their accumulated stuff. Their real estate agent advised them to declutter their current home, i.e., move some of their furniture out so the rooms look bigger, take clothes out of the closets so they look more spacious, and you get the idea.

One of them said to me, “It’s amazing how you get used to your stuff being there. You don’t think of your home as being cluttered until you move some of it out and then you realize it really was.”
His remark made me think about other things that could use some decluttering…like our thoughts. You think in a certain way for a while and accumulate thoughts, some of which make your world smaller. Or your heart harbors certain feelings that you need to let go of. So today, maybe it's time you "declutter your life!"