Get Up! (5/16/14)

Jimmy’s mother called out to him at seven in the morning, “Jimmy, get up. It’s time for school.” There was no answer. She called again, this time more loudly, “Jimmy, get up! It’s time for school!” Once more there was no answer. Exasperated, she went to his room and shook him saying, “Jimmy, It’s time to get ready for school.”

He answered, “Mother, I’m not going to school. There’s fifteen hundred kids at that school and every one of them hates me. I’m not going to school.”
“Get to school!” she replied sharply.
“But, Mother, all the teachers hate me, too. I saw three of them talking the other day and one of them was pointing his finger at me. I know they all hate me so I’m not going to school,” Jimmy answered. “Get to school!” his mother demanded again. “But, Mother, I don’t understand it. Why would you want to put me through all of that torture and suffering?” he protested.
“Jimmy, for two good reasons,” she fired back. “First, you’re forty-two years old. Secondly, you’re the principal