Letter from Ed Roberts about Jacob

 I don’t have the words. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I I have dreaded this week so much, yet longed for it to come so that we could move past this hurdle. 

Thursday was a tough day full of test.   They placed Jacob on a vent after anesthesia for his MRI and several other tests. To everyone’s surprise Jacobs’s O2 levels were in the mid 70’s. He should have been blue from head to toe. Yet another miracle from the Lord above.  From the time we got here they have had Jacob on oxygen. After his test they admitted him strait to the ICU. At 7:30am Jacob will be taken for his surgery. They were originally just going to do the “Bilateral Bidirectional Glenn” procedure. This is where they remove all blood flow coming from his upper body and re-rout it directly to the lungs. To do this the Superior Vena Cava is removed from the heart as well as the Pulmonary artery. They are then connected together so that all upper body blood goes to the lungs first, not the heart.
The MRI reveled that Jacob would need additional surgery called Atrial Septectamy. This is a fancy way of saying they are going to open up his heart and remove all the lining and tissue between the left and right Atrium. This procedure requires total life support. Jacob’s first surgery seamed like an eternity; however, it took less than an hour under the knife. This procedure will take over five hours not counting prep and recovery. We are being told that if he goes in at 7:30 as scheduled, we shouldn’t see him again until well after 2pm. 

You know and I know how well Jacob looks, but the truth is without this surgery he will not make it much longer. I can not describe to you what it feels like to say that as a father of this beautiful boy. His little heart is working overtime to keep up with everything. It would be like you holding a stack of books on one arm stretched out in front of you. Yes you could hold them and maybe even look good like Jacob has so far, but very soon your arm will drop and the books will fall unless something is done. That’s what this surgery is all about. Jacob needs help and he needs our prayers. My family needs your prayers. Could you have our listeners pray and be aware of what is going on today. I want to bring him home and I’m afraid. I love you guys.