Strengths (3/21/14)

During World War II, Colvin Williams was walking behind a tank patrolling France. The tank hit a mine, exploded and permanently blinded Williams.
But that didn’t stop Williams from pursuing his goal of becoming a minister and counselor. He went on to graduate from college with honors. He said he thought his blindness was actually an asset in his career.
“I can never judge by appearances,” he said. “I can always give a person a second chance. My blindness keeps me from cutting myself off from a person because of the way he looks.”
Williams went on to say, “I want to be the kind of person to whom anyone can come and feel secure, to express [her]self.”
You’ve got to love Williams’ positive attitude! Blinded, by no fault of his own, and he turns a potential weakness into a powerful strength.
What potential weakness do you face right now? I wonder what Williams would say about your weakness if it was his?
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