Teachers & Tornados (5/22/13)

In the immediate aftermath of the horrific tornadoes in Oklahoma I want to talk about teachers. That's right...teachers. Teachers are a special breed. Having been a father and now a grandfather it is almost inconceivable to me that we entrust something as precious as our children and our grandchildren to what are, in effect, complete strangers. Then we pay them a barely livable wage and threaten to sue them if we even hear the slightest HINT that little Johnny or Susie is not happy with the "teacher."

What kind of people are these that walk into a job where they KNOW they are underpaid and THEN go the extra mile over and over? When we entrust them with our most precious commodity (our children and grandchildren), pay them too little and expect too much this sounds like a recipe for disaster. Yet...time after time we are rewarded with results for the positive that defy explanation! Hooray for the teachers!!

Monday...in Oklahoma...as the killer tornado bore down on a K-6 elementary school there would be no escaping it. The children were in the hallways. They were too young to face this and doubtless didn't know what to do. They followed the instructions of their teachers whose OWN instincts must have been to run...leave this responsibility behind and take care of yourself! Then with the roar of the storm in her ears...ears that were doubtless popping from the drop in the barometric pressure that accompanies tornadoes...a teacher with SIX of her students took one final step. She stretched her body OVER and on top of her students as ONE last layer of protection. It was as if she was saying to the awful storm "you MAY get these children but you have to go through ME to do it!" That's right...she LAID her body across these small children as one last line of defense! Scripture says "greater love has no man than this...that they would lay down their lives for a friend." All six of those students survived. Hooray for the teachers!!

This teacher had been to school and prepared to teach these children. Not one thing in their "formal" education prepared them for such an occurrence as this. This lady in Oklahoma was NOT a celebrity. She doesn't make movies or star in a television show. She doesn't catch or shoot a ball. If she did she could make millions of dollars. Instead she barely makes enough to cover her expenses. Parents if that had been your child in that situation Monday would you have wanted an ego driven, ME first, spoiled rich kid celebrity in charge of your child? Or would you prefer this dear unknown, unheard of, obviously caring lady at the helm? Maybe no headlines on earth but headlines in Heaven!

You always hear it don't you...when a tornado warning is issued they always say..."seek shelter underneath a sturdy object." I submit to you that there was NO more sturdy object on earth Monday where those children could have found shelter than this dear lady who provided herself as a LIVING shield for them! Hooray for the Teachers!!

Jeff Steele