Thank God It's Monday (1/4/10)

Thank God it’s Monday, because today I will have enough money in my account to pay my bills.
Thank God it’s Monday, because today I can write that monthly check to the church to help someone else.
Thank God it’s Monday. Today I will roll out of bed too early, give my wife a kiss and my kids a hug and be grateful that we have a house to live in and that they are going to have food on the table tonight.
Thank God it’s Monday. I get to see the friends and co-workers that I have at the office who have been with me all these years.
Thank God it’s Monday. Although the weekend is coming and I so look forward to time with my family, it is Monday that helps provide the things that we need, and even some of our wants.
Thank God it’s Monday. Not everyone is as blessed as I, so while others grumble about starting another work week, I give thanks, looking forward to the time I spend with my family and with my co-workers, looking forward to being able to help someone else because God has been so kind to me.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m not rich or anything. Then again, maybe I am because I have been so richly blessed by God through so many people along the way.
Thank God it’s Monday.