Why did they do that? (12/4/13)

Has anybody cut you off in traffic lately?  You know, pulled in front of you and made you hit the brakes to avoid an accident?  If it hasn’t happened lately, odds are it will if you drive much.

Now when it happened in the past, what did you do?  How did you react?
I guess it’s natural for you to yell at the driver, as if he could hear you, right?  Or, to blow your horn, more than once maybe, and flash your lights.
But did you stop and wonder, “Why did she do that?”
Maybe she was distracted by something stressful in her life like she can’t pay her mortgage because she was laid off by her company.  Or, she’s going home from the doctor’s office after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Or, maybe his wife left him and his best friend, too…and together.  Or, maybe he had a shouting match with his teenaged son that morning.
Now I know that person should drive more carefully, but try to understand what might be happening with that person rather than just expressing your displeasure.  The same way you want someone to understand you.
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