Wise Jogging Advice (9/13/12)

I usually jog one of two routes around the neighborhood.
It is always the same paths, same distances, same hills, and the
same streets.

As I was jogging, God spoke into my spirit.

Although it was while I was jogging, I knew it applied to other
areas of life.

God spoke, "Don't go down any dead ends."

There are a lot of streets that are dead ends in the
neighborhood. The fancy name is cul-de-sac but the truth is,
they are dead ends.

Until I took notice, I did not realize how many streets I jogged
that were dead ends.

When I avoided the dead ends, I found an entirely new and more
exciting route to run. I did not have to travel over the same
paths more than once.

So many things in life are dead ends.
You must have first the wisdom to recognize dead ends,
then the sense not to go down them.

"Don't go down any dead ends."

It wasn't about jogging,

it was about life.