A World of Difference (4/29/13)

 In a shopping center parking lot a mother and her 8-year-old daughter saw a family desperately trying to give away homeless puppies from a cardboard box.

The puppies who found no home that day would be given to a dog pound but with few people to adopt them and little space to keep them, the dog pound would soon execute them.

As the girl leaned forward to see the little dogs, one puppy peaked up at her and put his tiny front paws against the side of the box and his eyes looked deeply into hers. He yipped his high pitched puppy bark almost as if he was calling to her.

When she reached for him his little nose touched her hand and he licked her fingers with all the energy in his teanie body.

He had a bundle of love to share and could wait no longer. His eyes sparkled and he jumped up on his hind legs wanting her to pick him up.

When she did his front paws drooped over one side of her hand and his rear paws and tail hung over the other. When she lifted him to her cheek, he burrowed his furry little face against hers and kept kissing her with all of his heart. Soon she cuddled him in her arms.

“You know you can’t save all of these puppies,” her mother remarked. “Nor save millions of other homeless pets who have no-one to love them.”

“I know,” her daughter replied with a smile. “But I can save this tiny guy and for him it will make all the difference in the world.”

Someone once said, “small and random acts of kindness can make a world of difference in someones life.