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Your Life (4/29/14)

The unemployment rate is up so there are more people out of work now.  And if you are working, you’re probably doing the work of at least three people.

Take Notice (4/28/14)

I had a very special teacher in high school many years 

Do a Good Job (4/25/14)

A little boy went into a drugstore, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone.

Laughter (4/24/14)

Some people think laughter is a waste of time. It is a luxury, they say, a frivolity, something to indulge in only every so often.

Positive People (4/23/14)

Once upon a time, I had an exercise bike.

The Team (4/22/14)

NASCAR racing is so popular now.

Back to School (4/21/14)

A dog had followed his owner to school. 

Bird in a Cage (4/18/14)

“A Boston preacher, Dr. S. D. Gordon, placed a beat up, bent and rusted bird cage beside his pulpit and told its story:

Who is your Someone? (4/17/14)

Can you imagine Fred Astaire without Ginger Rogers?  She made him look so good, doing everything he did only backwards and in high heels.

Communication (4/16/14)

A couple visits a lawyer about getting a divorce. And the lawyer asks the husband,

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