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Poor Uncle Al (2/28/13)

Poor Uncle Al

Poor Uncle AL went to sit down. He grunted and grunted, and my, what a frown!


1) A possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road. 
2) There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 of them live in WV . 

Before It's Too Late (2/26/14)

One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room 

on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name.

If you want Kindness (2/24/14)


Things have changed (2/21/14)

50 years ago, the top student problems were: 
talking to friends during class
passing notes
chewing gum
cutting in line

What I've Learned (2/20/14)

Over the years some of the things I’ve learned-

I Am (2/19/14)

I’m the type of guy that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile.

The type of guy who is willing to brighten Your day even if I can’t brighten my own.

Tough Times (2/18/14)

There will be times in your life where you’re challenged, where nothing seems to be going right, where tragedy strikes and you’re left to pick up the pieces.


Growing Potatoes (2/17/14)

When I was a boy growing up we had several gardens around our old house. The largest one of all was used just for growing potatoes.


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