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Quick (6/28/13)

 Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?

I’ll tell you a wonderful trick

that will bring you contentment, if anything can

A Donkey's Tale (6/27/13)

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

That's all the lumber you sent (6/26/13)

 Kathy Mattea was here on  her birthday last week and helped us celebrate our 150th birthday.

The Firefighters Prayer (6/25/13)

In memory of John Appleton of the Malden Volunteer Fire Department who died while battling a blaze in Sissonville yesterday and for all of our Firefighters, who we all take for granted…

Live Well (6/24/13)

A university professor tells of being invited to speak at a military base in December and meeting an unforgettable soldier named Ralph.

Read this everyday (6/21/13)

On busy weekends like this one…here are some tips for you that you should probably tape to your bathroom mirror where you can read it every day.

Gratitude (6/20/13)

Gratitude is about bringing awareness to the things in our lives which we really should appreciate.


Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. Wickedness is always easier than virtue, for it takes a short cut to everything.

Turn your paper sideways (6/18/13)

Several all night convenience stores in New York City learned something about viewing problems another way.

Fathers (6/17/13)

 A father is a person who is forced to endure childbirth without an anesthetic. He growls when he feels good and laughs very loud when he is scared half-to-death.

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