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Things to Remember (11/28/14)

Things To Always Remember…and One Thing To Never Forget

Your presence is a present to the world.

Thanksgiving Prayer (11/17/14)

Lord, so often times, as any other day

When we sit down to our meal and pray
We hurry along and make fast the blessing

The Greatest Thanksgiving (11/26/14)

Are you going grocery shopping today?" my husband, Roy asked when I picked up the telephone. 

Time To Get Started (11/25/14)

In her late 70s and struggling with severe arthritis, a farmer’s widow from Eagle Bridge, NY loved to do needlework, but her fingers no longer were as nimble for the small detail work of embroid

Deer Hunting Buddy (11/24/14)

You may have heard on the news about a southern California man put

under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100

Faith in Myself (11/21/14)

God gave me faith in myself,

not only on days when I'm going great and winning
and nothing seems impossible

Getting Alone (11/22/14)

Five suggestions for getting along with people at work today:


What You Are Is As Important AS What You Do (11/17/14)

If you aren’t honest with the rest of the world, how can you hope to be honest with yourself?

The Test of Three (11/14/14)

Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you either hear or are about to repeat a rumor.


The Scratched Diamond (11/13/14)

The story is told of a king who owned a valuable diamond, one of therarest and most perfect in the world.


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