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Happiness (4/12/11)

We convince ourselves that life will be
better after we get married, have a baby,
then another. Then we are frustrated
that the kids aren't old enough and we'll

The Hosue of 1000 Mirrors (4/11/11)

Long ago in a small, far away village, there was place known as the House of 1000 Mirrors. A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit.

A Story To Live By (4/7/11)

My brother-in-law opened the bottom drawer of my bureau and lifted out a tissue-wrapped package. "This," he said, "is not a slip.

Old Age (4/6/11)

The other day a young person asked me how I felt about being old. I was taken aback, for I do not think of myself as old.

When The Whistle Blows (4/5/11)

When the whistle blows each morning
And I walk down in that cold, dark mine
I say a prayer to my dear Savior
Please let me see the sunshine one more time

Are your potatoes heavy? (4/4/11)

A teacher once told each of her students to bring a clear plastic bag and a sack of potatoes to school.

Americans (4/1/11)

An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other
nation in the world in their time of need. When Afghanistan was overrun by

Shifty (3/31/11)

Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served with Easy

Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st

Time Get Better With Age (3/30/11)

Age 5
I've learned that I like my teacher because she cries when we sing "Silent Night".

Age 6
I've learned that our dog doesn't want to eat my broccoli either.

A Keeper (3/29/11)

Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. Their best friends lived barely a wave away.

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