Just Married

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Fix me breakfast

Bill and Carol were newlyweds. Bill thought this would be a modern marriage, meaning they would each play equal roles.
So, the first morning after their honeymoon, he brought Carol breakfast in bed.
However, Carol wasn't at all impressed by his culinary skills. Looking disdainfully at the tray, she snorted, "A poached egg? I wanted scrambled!"
Undaunted, the following morning, Bill brought his new bride a scrambled egg.
Unfortunately, Carol wasn't satisfied. "Did you ever stop to think that perhaps I like variety?" she snapped. "I wanted poached this morning!"
Determined to please her, the next morning, he brought her two eggs... one poached and one scrambled.
"Here, my darling, enjoy," he said cheerfully.
Carol was infuriated. "You scrambled the wrong egg!" she screamed.