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Robber Caught Shortly After Bank Robbery

Charleston police have released more information about Wednesday's bank robbery. 37-year old Basil Smith of Charleston is facing charges after the heist, and was arrested a few minutes after it happened, just three blocks away from the WesBanco on Tennessee Avenue. There were no injuries in the robbery, and police said Smith didn't brandish a weapon during the robbery. He's been arraigned at Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

Charleston Holds Naturalization Ceremony

More than 50 people representing 32 countries have become U.S. citizens in Charleston. U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin presided over a naturalization ceremony this week. Fifty-three people took the oath of allegiance.

Two Arrested in Kanawha County Meth Bust

Two people are facing charges after a meth bust. The Kanawha County sheriff's office says the meth lab was found at Orchard Manor Wednesday morning, and members of the SWAT team and meth lab technicians were called out to investigate the apartment on Hutchinson Street. 32-year old Randy Lee Donahue Jr of Charleston and 29-year old Holly Nicole Willis of Charleston were arrested, and Cpl. BD Humphreys tells us that along with a clandestine meth lab deputies located marijuana, heroin and a .380 caliber pistol. The two have been charged with operation of a clandestine methamphetamine lab, and more charges could be added.

Freedom Industries Moves Chemicals to Pennsylvania

Thousands of gallons of the chemical that spilled into the water supply are leaving West Virginia and heading to Pennsylvania. Freedom Industries is moving 3,500 gallons of crude MCHM from its Nitro facility to a coal facility in Pennsylvania.The Department of Environmental Protection warned that it could mean unsavory licorice smells for neighbors. Freedom expects to move more chemicals in upcoming weeks. It's unclear where the chemicals are heading. State environmental regulators ordered Freedom to remove all chemicals from the Charleston site of the Jan. 9 spill. But when Freedom began transferring to Nitro, officials declared that facility unsafe. The state ordered Freedom to fix its issues or a different facility.

Students Recovering After Bus Accident

The investigation into yesterday's bus accident continues. A school bus went off Route 61 and hit a rock wall Wednesday near the Montgomery-Fayette county line, and that sent 15 students to the hospital. The students are from Valley High and Junior High and most complained of sore backs and necks from the impact of the accident. The cause of the wreck is under investigation.

Sudafed Bill Moves Ahead

The West Virginia Senate Committee on Health is moving forward on a proposal to make drugs used in the production of methamphetamine available only by prescription. The bill would allow an exception for certain over-the-counter drugs that are deemed "tamper resistant" by the Board of Pharmacy. Sen. Ronald Miller raised concerns Tuesday regarding how the bill might affect the way pseudoephedrines are tracked by law enforcement, since exempt drugs would be tracked through the state's controlled substance monitoring database instead of the pseudoephedrine tracking system NPlex. This means police would need reasonable suspicion to access information on drugs like Sudafed.

Man Sentenced for Driver's License Fraud

A former West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles worker has pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge stemming from a driver's license scheme. Kermit Miller of Martinsburg faces up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Prosecutors say Miller accepted an undisclosed amount of cash from 18 people in exchange for a driver's license from February through August 2010 while he was working at the DMV's Martinsburg office. People who received the licenses weren't required to submit applications or pass tests.

Escaped Inmate Captured

Police had been looking for a man who escaped from the Beckley Correctional Center. 27-year old Frank R. Smith is said to have escaped Tuesday morning around 3:30am. He's serving a 1 to 3-year sentence for theft, and was captured late in the day Tuesday.

Police Follow Footprints

Commiting a crime in te winter snow is NOT a good idea if you are on foot. A West Virginia man is behind bars after leaving tracks in the snow for police to follow. It happened yesterday morning in St. Albans when police responded to reports of a burglary and shots being fired. They found a fresh set of footprints in the snow and it took them to Craig Scott. They found evidence to tie him to the crime and put him in a jail cell.

Crash Kills Two in Kanawha Co

Two people were killed in Kanawha County last night in a car crash that happened along U.S. Route 119 in South Charleston near the intersection of Willow Drive and Childress Road.
Police said one car t-boned into another vehicle. Police did not say how many people were in both cars, only that two people died in the crash. The names of the people involved were not released Sunday, since the accident was still being investigated.

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