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Clay Center Waives Admission Price

The Clay Center has announced a pay-what-you-wish event for families that runs through mid-February. The goal is to help those who were affected by the water crisis by suspending regular gallery admission prices. Clay Center officials say in a news release that a new exhibit is opening this weekend. The "Brain Teasers 2," exhibit isinteractive and features puzzles, illusions and games of strategy, and will open this Sunday. In lieu of gallery admission, donations are being accepted through February 14th. The Center's Gizmo Factory science gallery closed for renovations yesterday, and will remain closed through late March.

Tuition Freeze for Area College

An Elkins College is freezing tuition for returning students. The State Journal reports that the college also is guaranteeing tuition rates will stay the same during the next four years for the class entering this fall. Michael Mihalyo is president of Davis & Elkins and says the college has long tried to ensure that no student is denied an opportunity to attend Davis & Elkins for financial reasons. Mihalyo says a combination of scholarships, student work, family contribution and loans means nearly everyone who is admitted and wants to attend Davis and Elkins is able to do so.

Shooting Suspect Turns Himself In

Charleston police say a man has turned himself in, in connection with a shooting Sunday on the West Side. 18-year old Michael Butler, also known as Big Mike, was wanted for shooting 20-year old Maylik Watson in the face after a fight broke out on Roane Street near Kroger. Three others have been detained, interviewed, and released. The exact motive for the shooting hasn't been determined, but there are reports that all of the individuals involved were associated with the Damion Blainey homicide that happened on Glenwood in 2010.

West Side Shooting Under Investigation

A shooting Sunday on Charleston's west side sent one man to the hospital. Officers said a fight broke out among several people near the 400 block of Delaware Avenue, and at some point 20-year-old Maylik Watson was shot in the face. He was taken to CAMC with non-life threatening injuries. Officers questioned several people on Sunday and the investigation continues today.

Sen. Rockefeller Announces Funding for Investigation After Chemical Spill

Senator Jay Rockefeller has announced he's requested money for the Chemical Safety Board, that is intended to help the agency investigate the January 9th leak that sent a chemical into the Elk River. The Chemical Safety Board has been impacted by budget issues and small staffs, and now after the Freedom Industries chemical spill, Senator Rockefeller is among those calling for more funding for CSB's budget. With the new money, the CSB will investigate the spill and make new recommendations to prevent another water crisis in the future.

School Resumes Tuesday in Kanawha County

Schools in Kanawha County are going to open tomorrow. Schools closed after the chemical MCHM leaked into the Elk River, Thursday, January 9th, and students have been away from classrooms since then Bottled water will be available to students through Thursday.

Two Arrested For Stealing Heat Pumps

Two people have been arrested related to a case of stolen heat pumps two weeks ago. The Kanawha County Sheriff's Office says a the heat pumps were valued at $5000 each, and were stolen from a building owned by O. V. Smith and Sons. Among other businesses, the building housed Appalachian Independent Living. 29-year old William Richard Scott “Scotty” Nottingham of Elkview and 32-year old Carl Clayton Larch of Walton have been arrested and charged with grand larceny, a felony.

Fatal Accident Under Investigation

The Kanawha County Sheriff's office is investigating what led up to a fatal accident Friday afternoon. Investigators think a 1991 Chevrolet S-10, went off the roadway to the right and then the driver over-corrected. Eventurally it hit a ditch it overturned. 50-year old Joanna Elam of Campbell’s Creek died of apparent injuries sustained during the crash. She was not wearing a seat a belt. What caused Elam to go off the roadway initially hasn't been determined yet.

Frontier Contracts are Extended As Negotiations Continue

Frontier Communications and the Communications Workers of America have extended their contract for workers in West Virginia again. It's the third contract extension since negotiations on a new agreement began seven months ago. Frontier said Sunday in a news release that the latest extension will run until April 5 while negotiations continue. The contract originally was scheduled to expire Aug. 2, 2013. It covers 1,550 workers in West Virginia.

Price Gouging Investigation Underway

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is filing subpoenas over reported price hikes on water amid a ban on running water. Morrisey said his office received more than 150 calls and documented 74 reports of people selling water or other goods at higher prices. The office will follow up with letters and subpoenas. It's illegal in West Virginia to raise prices on essential products and services by more than 10 percent in a state of emergency. Maximum penalties include a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. Morrisey says many reports were over doubled prices for packs of water bottles. The office heard one seller charged $50 for five gallons. The office began fielding complaints a day after last Thursday's chemical spill.

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