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St. Albans Man Headed to Jail on Child Porn Charge

A St. Albans man is headed to prison on child pornography charges. Joseph Braucksieck will spend the next two years in prison after he was caught with child porn inside a rental truck. He later admitted to officers he had more pictures were on his computer. After the two year prison sentence he'll spend 10 years on supervised release and he'll have to register as a sex offender.

Train Accident Under Investigation in Hurricane

Thankfully there were no injuries in last night's train accident in Putnam County. A tractor trailer was crossing the railroad tracks near Hurricane High School around 5:30pm when it was hit by a train. Apparently the driver saw the train and thought he had enough time to cross, but the train nipped the trailer.

Child Abuse Conference Coming to Charleston

A conference going on now in Martinsburg will be repeated next week in Charleston. There are about 150 professionals attending a conference in Martinsburg on child abuse and neglect, and are hearing from a panel young men and women who were in the state's care. They'll share their experiences and recommendations to improve the system. The state Supreme Court's chief justice, Brent D. Benjamin opened the series on child neglect and abuse. The session will be repeated July 17 in Charleston and the public can attend.

Investigation Continues Into Abandoned Twins in Mingo County

State police are investigating the abandonment of newborn twin boys in Mingo County. Trooper J.R. Coburn says a woman left a basket containing the infants at a home near Gilbert. There also was a note asking that the infants be taken to Welch Community Hospital in McDowell County. The woman who lived at the home told police that she went outside when her dogs started barking. She saw the other woman, who told her that she didn't want the infants, and she fled. The woman who received the basket took the infants to the hospital in Welch and they're in state custody now.

Nicholas County Woman Charged in Baby's Death

Deputies in Nicholas County say a woman who was nine months pregnant overdosed on meth and that caused a heart attack. She survived, but had to undergo an emergency c-section and the baby died ten days after she was born. Police say the baby tested positive for meth and other drugs. Stephanie Louk has been charged now with child neglect resulting in death, and she's behind bars.

Weather Service Offers Mobile Alerts

The National Weather Service has launched Wireless Emergency Alerts, or in other words a severe storm warning or an Amber Alert that goes straight to your smart phone. People may be away from a radio or TV station, but the smart phone is always handy, and the National Weather Service says the wireless alerts are a convenient way to get the word out about potential danger. The system uses cell towers to locate all mobile devices in the area, so you'll the alert if as long as you're in the area.

Thousands of Scouts Expected Next Week At New River Gorge

One effect of the Boy Scouts National Jamoboree next week will be the overflow of scouts expected at New River Gorge National River. The National Park Service is expecting thousands of boy scouts to visit the New River Gorge area since it's adjacent to the Summit Bechtel Family Reserve in Fayette County where the 2013 jamboree will be held. The jamboree is set for July 15-24. The park service says about 2,500 scouts are expected to raft the New River on each of five days during the jamboree. Scouts also are scheduled to participate in daily rock climbing excursions.

Whether to Cut Down Trees in Sissonville Brings Out Opinions

At a public meeting Monday night, several people spoke out about harvesting trees at a 4-H Camp in Sissonville. Kanawha County planners say the money from the tree harvest would help build a new pool in Sissonville, and that could take about three years. Most don't deny the need for a new pool since the last one at the camp closed five years ago, but they'd rather not cut down trees as a trade off. Kanawha County Commissioners will talk about it again at a meeting Wednesday.

Rockefeller Monitors SF Plane Crash Investigation

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller leads the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee, and says he's monitoring the investigation after the airplane crash at the San Francisco International Airport Saturday.
Rockefeller said in a statement that he is in touch with federal agencies about it, and his thoughts are with the passengers, crew and first responders on the scene. The flight from Seoul, South Korea crashed while landing and injured dozens, and killing at least two.

West Side Shooting Under Investigation

A shooting early Sunday is still under investigation. Charleston police think it was a drive by shooting on Charleston's West Side that left a 24-year old man with a gunshot wound to the arm. The man got himself to St. Francis Hospital and told police a car drove by him in the 2400 block of Washington Street West and started firing shots. Anybody with information on the shooting should call police...they're still not sure why the shooter opened fire.

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