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fighting obesity

the West Virginia Healthy Lifestyles Coalition is ready to get to work on fighting obesity in West virginia. Helen Matheny, chairwoman of , spoke to the Legislature's Joint Committee on Health Wednesday they want to suggest specific policy changes legislators can put in place to fight the state's obesity crisis. Established in 2005 by a legislative mandate, the coalition has thus far been a forum for individuals and organizations to share information,

.A screening of more than 135,000 state fifth-graders last year showed that one in four has high blood pressure, 26 percent have high cholesterol and 29 percent are obese, according to West Virginia University's CARDIAC screening data. West Virginia is number one in the country for diabetes, heart attacks and obesity, according to the 2011 Gallup-Healthways rankings.

She's also been asked to speak to the committee again in December after the lifestyles coalition has researched possible policy changes

A commmunity Effort

YUM! Fresh produce from a total community effort... the Wild Ramp...Huntington's nontraditional farmers market, is up and running thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who rebuilt everything in the 600 foot space needed for the town's newest local food source. reusable shopping bags and worker aprons are repurposed from old feed sacks. More than 30thousand dollars and 2thousand volunteer hours went into making it a reality.

West Virginia Education Taken To Task

Ouch! West Virginia ranks 47th in the nation in education, according to The Annie E. Casey Foundation's annual Kids Count Data Book. With nearly four out of five eighth-grade students who are not proficient in math, West Virginia received one of the worst education rankings in the country. Nationwide, the percentage of eighth-graders who are not proficient in math decreased from 72 percent in 2005 to 66 percent in 2011, according to the report. Arizona, Mississippi, New Mexico and Nevada join West Virginia as the five states ranked weakest for education.

Moving On In Lincoln County

When Thomas Ramey submitted his letter of resignation earlier this week, he said in it he did so with "a heavy heart". Yesterday his resignation was accepted by Lincoln County. The now former commissioner submitted his resignation early so he could give Commissioners time to name his replacement. He had unti August 8th to resign from office. That's when he is expected to plead guilty in in connection with an ongoing federal investigation into election fraud during the 2010 Lincoln County Democratic primary. His replacement will be named on August first according to the two remaining commissioners who, because of redistricting, are trying to determine which district Ramey's replacement must represent. His replacement will appear on the ballot in November.


Lincoln Commissioner Resignation Accepted

Commissioners in Lincoln County are accepting the resignation of a former member of their board who's charged with being part of an effort to rig an election. Thomas Ramey handing in his resignation to the two remaining commission members who say they'll name a replacement by August first. Ramey is charged and is expected to plead guilty to being one of several county officials who tried to rig absentee ballots in the 2010 Lincoln County Republican Primary.

Child Endangerment Charged In Drug Bust

There was no running water but police say there was drug residue out in the open. Now, a Logan County couple is facing drug, child endangerment and child neglect charges. Investigators say Everett Spears and Kimberley Mounts are being charged after state police confiscated several bags of marijuana seeds and drug paraphernalia that they say were within reach of the children. Officers say five children between the ages of one and six were found, all sleeping together in a single room with needles, spoons and drug residue nearby.

Huntington Shooter Arrested

A man with a gun, an hour-long standoff and now an arrest in Huntington. Police say 43-year-old Jerry Blake first took a gun to his wife's work place, an office at a Huntington medical professional building, around eight-thirty this morning. They say Blake fired a number of shots at the facility but that no one was hurt. He then went to his home where police finally talked him into surrendering. Blake has now been arraigned in County Magistrate Court in Huntington on two counts of wanton endangerment and one of domestic assault.


Private households in Kanawha County are looking for help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the storms went thru the region back in June. Right now according to emergency managers in the county FEMA is just assisting with public infrastructure repairs. However FEMA representatives have been visting homes to access damage. They also say they need to know if you have insurance and you won't be reimbursed for food loss or generator fuel.

Abuse Allegations False

The Roman Catholic bishop of West Virginia wrote in an email to supporters Monday that he is grateful that two men have come forward to defend him against allegations that he sexually abused one of them in the 1970s, and that their assertions provide proof that he's innocent. In an email to clergy, parishioners and employees of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Bishop Michael Bransfield said he has never abused anyone. The letter also was posted on the diocese website. It comes after allegations surfaced during a recently completed Philadelphia priest-abuse trial in which a witness testified that a priest who abused him told him that Bransfield was sexually involved with a young teen. The alleged victim and another man told The Philadelphia Inquirer in a story published Sunday that the allegations were false. Bransfield remains under investigation for another claim, which he denies.

Arson Arrest

An arrest has been made in connection with a several arson fires in Nicholas county. 21 year old Austin Cox faces dozens of felony charges in connection with the fires that occured from January until this month. Although police don't believe anyone else was involved, they say the investigation is continuning. Without going into specifics, Nicholas County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Paul O' Dell says it took countless man hours to tie Cox to the fires as they uncovered new leads in as the investigation went on.

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