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Kanawha County man pleads guilty to murder

Ernest Young Jr. has pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the death of 81-year-old Wilfred Naylor. Young is accused of beat Naylor to death with a nightstick at his home in June 2011. Young claims Naylor made advances toward him and attacked him. After striking a plea deal with prosecutors, Young's charges were reduced to second degree murder. He offered testimony in another Kanawha County murder case to get the deal. Young will be sentenced in August and will have to spend between 10 and 40 years behind bars. The state has recommended 20 years

Search crews find body

A body has been found in the Elk River. Search crews with the Kanawha County Sheriff's office searched the river last night after a man was reported missing. All of the man's belongings were found at his home nearby and the search was conducted near Walgrove and Blue Creek Roads. It hasn't been confirmed yet that that body found is that of the missing man.

Man sentenced for sexual abuse

William Dale Clere of Charleston was sentenced this week to 10 to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing his teenage stepdaughter. Clere pleaded guilty in May, and this week at the sentencing hearing showed remorse and asked the judge for mercy. After a decade plus in jail, Clere will also be required to register as a sex offender and will be on supervised release for twenty years.

County Commissioner accused of voting fraud to plead guilty

A Lincoln County Commissioner Thomas Ramey is expected to plead guilty to charges related to a voting fraud scheme. U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin announced Tuesday that Thomas Ramey has been charged with knowingly making false statements to investigators, saying he didn't know who altered absentee ballot applications after they were filed with the Lincoln County Clerk's office. Investigators believe Ramey told someone to make the changes. The US Attorney's office has requested a hearing as part of the plea deal process.

Nitro implements new alert system

Nitro residents have a new way to stay connected. Police briefed the city council this week on a new text-alert system that sends updates about everything from emergency alerts to local community events. Nitro Police are coordinating with St. Albans police on the same alert system for what they call "geographically specific" emergencies. Everyone hopes there's not a next time, but if the June 29 storms and power outages happen again the new system would provide a way to stay updated. Text "nitrowvpd" to 888777 to get signed up.

State loses money of Abandoned Land Mines

State lawmakers are talking about the Abandoned Land Mine Trust fund, and the cap that Congress implemented recently. More than 20 other states are affected by the cap and will lose federal money that they've become accustomed to, West Virginia included. The new bill limits total annual AML payments to certified states or Indian tribes to no more than $15 million. According to the Interstate Mining Compact Commission, funding will have to be forfeited by uncertified coal-producing states. West Virgnia stands to lost $102 million. Wyoming stands to lose the most, at $700 million over 10 years.

With Power Out, Thieves Active

Bad enough that the recent storms plunged much of eastern Kanawha County into darkness. Now, State Troopers have busted what they saw was a major theft ring that took advantage of people whose power was out. Investigators say Kristina Griggs, Dustin Lycan and Griggs' 17-year-old son stole more than ten thousand dollars were of items from homes, stores, storage facilities and gas stations in Kanawha and Fayette Counties while the juice was off. Everything from guns to power tools to cigarettes and condoms. Even a generator and a tanning bed were allegedly stolen.

Rural Broadband Grants Ready

High-speed internet service may be coming to rural West Virginia. It's been four years and one-point-seven million dollars in consultants' fees since the Legislature approved a five-million-dollar plan that would deploy high-speed internet in many rural areas of the state. Now, the Broadband Deployment Council is urging local entities to apply for some of the three-point-three million dollars in grant money that it will pay out to get those services up and running. If enough interest is shown, the Council says it will ask lawmakers for five million a year in rural broadband funding.

Police seek shooter

Police are still looking for the person who fired shots Monday on Charleston's west side. It happened just after 2pm in the 900 block of Central Avenue, and the window in a car was shattered. No one was hurt, and no arrests have been made so far.

Trial postponsed for St. Albans man

49-year old Gary Lomax of St. Albans had been scheduled to go on trial this week on charges that he defrauded senior citizens, but the trial has been postponed. Lomas has been held at South Central Regional Jail since his arrest last November and has had his bond lowered once from $250,000 to $100,000. His court appointed attorney asked for another reduction, but the judge refuesed. Lomax operated Lomax Heating and Cooling, and the Attorney General's office received several complaints that he took money from homeowners without doing the work. The new trial is set for September 24.

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