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Tipster Arrested

A former tipster is in trouble - word from police Samuel L Ranson, whose statement led police to arrest Shawn Lester in connection to one of the 2003 sniper-style shootings was arrested Tuesday for allegedly pawning stolen items. A tip came in Monday that Ranson, of Charleston, had stolen a digital camera and binoculars and resold them at Keller's Survival & Pawn in Charleston and that he was going to try to steal some items on Tuesday. Police followed Ranson and picked him up after he allegedly stole various items from different stores.

Recycled Pacemakers

Seems like the recycling craze may be hitting the medical industry - A new study suggests reusing pacemakers could help people in developing countries with heart problems who may not be able to afford new devices. The study finds devices removed during autopsies may have enough remaining battery life to be donated and used again. It's estimated that between one million and two million people die worldwide each year because they do not have access to pacemakers - the devices that send electrical impulses into the heart to help maintain a normal heartbeat.

More Sleep

When you're trying to lose weight you hear eat less and move more but now researchers in canada want to add get more sleep to your checklist. A study followed two groups who both cut calories but one group slept five and a half hours a night the other slept eight and a half - the group with less sleep lost 55 percent less body fat and 60 percent more of their Lean body mass. Less sleep meant they hung onto their body fat


Some help for that sinkhole - Dunbar City Council members agreed to spend $4,500 on emergency street repairs at the corner of Pine Circle and Walnut Street at their regular meeting Monday night. The sanitary department says about 200 feet of corrugated metal piping rusted through on the top and bottom, causing a large sinkhole to form. The whole pipe would have to be replaced and estimated that the work could be completed by late fall at the earliest.

Electric Chair or God

The electric chair or jail - that's what the borthers of a West Virginia man think should happen after their sibling was accused of raping an elderly woman in New York City's Central Park. Word from authorities - David Albert Mitchell has been in and out of prison since he was 18. Twice arrested on charges of raping elderly women. He was suspected of killing a female neighbor but never charged and acquitted of killing another.

Drug Bust

A hotel guest from Detroit had a little more than his luggage with him. Word from Nitro police - they, along with officers from the Metro Drug Unit searched a room at the Economy Inn under the suspicion of drugs. During their search they located oxycodone, heroin and crack cocaine hiding in the ceiling. Numerous drug charges have been filed against Charles Chilsom - he's in Western Regional Jail on 75 thousand dollars bond.

Kanawha County Cars

A new ride for Kanawha county sheriff's deputies and they say so far they're impressed. The county just bought 14 new Ford Interceptors for about 27 thousand each. Just four of the new cars are on the road now - the rest will follow

Teen Killed

A single vehicle crash Sunday morning leaves a community in mourning - Word from Charleston police - they responded just after 11:15 a.m. Sunday to a single vehicle crash off Quarry Ridge Road and found a 2006 Lexus convertible coupe over the hillside on its top. The 15 year old driver's name has not been released - police say he lost control of the vehicle, struck a utility pole and a tree on the edge of the road before flipping the vehicle over the hillside. The driver was wearing a seatbelt and was restrained in the crash. He had no visible injuries. The passenger - fourteen year old Drew Morton was ejected from the car - he died from his injuries. The teen driver had a learner's permit, and that allows 15-year-olds to practice driving if accompanied by a licensed adult driver. Another stipulation of driving with a learner's permit is that all occupants of the vehicle must wear seatbelts. The boys were alone in the vehicle, and Drew was not wearing a seatbelt.

Tavern Shooting

A fight early morning Sunday ends with one man dead. WOrd from Raleigh County police - Donald Moore got into a fight around 2a.m. at Jillbilly's Tavern on Coal River Road. the fight moved outside and that's when deputies say Moore shot the man. He died from his injuries. Moore later turned himself in.

Missing Drugs

Missing drugs from the Beckley Police Department's evidence room will not affect federal cases - at least for now. The Register-Herald is reporting U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin says his office is still looking into the matter. In August the drugs turned up missing and Raleigh County prosecutor Kristin Keller has said because evidence had been compromised state drug cases going back with 15 months would be dismissed. A criminal investigation is underway by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the police department has started an internal investigation.

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