School Closings


Menus for Monday March 2nd, 2015   
Kanawha County
Breakfast:    Dream Waffle and Fruit
Lunch:   Salisbury Steak, Msahed Potatoes and Gravy, Spinach Salad, Roll and a Banana and Strawberry Cup
Putnam County
Breakfast:   School made Chocolate Chip Muffin
Lunch:  Hot ham and Cheese Sandwich, Pinto Bean Soup, Diced Potates and and Cherry Fruit Juice Bar
Boone County
Breakfast:   Pancake on a Stick
Lunch:  Cook's Choice
Lincoln County
Breakfast:  Banana Bread and an Apple
Lunch:   Green Eggs and Ham, Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Roll and Applesauce
Jackson County 
Breakfast:    Cook's Choice
Lunch:   Pizza, Brussel Sprouts, Salad and an Orange
Cabell County
Breakfast:   Egg and Cheese Bagel and Apple Wedges 
Lunch:  Chicken and Noodles, Steamed Parmesan Broccoli, Honey Coin Carrots, Roll, a Royal Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream 
Roane County 
Breakfast:  Ham, Egg and Cheese Biscuit and Fruit
Lunch:    Pork Rib Sandwich, Sweet Potato Puffs, Pears and a Royal brownie