Texting and driving ban start date scrutinized

There's been much confusion this week over when West Virgina's new cell phone law goes into effect. Texting will become illegal under the new law, and it was initially reported it would become a secondary offense June 8, meaning it could be enforced only after pulling over a driver for something else. It would become a primary offense on July 1. Here's where the problem lies - laws in West Virginia become effective 90 days after passage, which in this case would be June 8. But the law itself spells out the effective date of July 1. The consensus now seems to be that the bill becomes a part of state code as of Friday but doesn't go into effect until July 1. That's when Charleston police will start enforcing the ban. St. Albans' officials are looking to pass an ordinance at their next City Council meeting that parallels the state law.