Boys arrested after school bus incident

The Kanawha County sheriff's office has released more information on a pair of incidents that occurred on a school bus last week. The father of a 13-year old girl reported that a group of boys groped, fondled and forced his daughter into a sexually explicit situation on the bus, and he said it happened twice on consecutive days while his daughter rode to Elkview Middle School. Detectives say in another incident, a 12-year old boy exposed his penis in an attempt to force another 12-year old boy to perform sexual acts on him. The 12-year old accused has been sent to the Tiger Morton Juvenile Detention Center and faces three counts of first degree sexual abuse. Another 16-year old boy faces two counts of first degree sexual abuse, along with 18-year old Matthew Cavalier. Since Cavalier is not a minor, he's been sent to South Central Regional Jail.