'System Failure' Allowed Accused Murderer to Buy Gun

The new Mingo County Sheriff, Rosie Crum, was at work this week, one week after her husband, Eugene Crum, was murdered. Tennis Maynard has been charged with Sheriff Crum's murder. Rosie Crum took part in a courthouse ceremony for children who lost their lives because of abuse and neglect. Tonya Webb, a supervisor at Child Protective Services, said Sheriff Crum was always up for helping Child Protective Services, and loved the children of Mingo County. Inside the courthouse, Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Sparks said a system failure allowed the man accused of killing the sheriff to get a gun he never should have been allowed to have. In what Sparks called an "inexcusable delay," mental issues that should have barred Maynard from buying a gun did not make it into the national system. The gun dealer ran a background check but it showed no problem.