Investigation Continues Into Jefferson Stabbing

Kanawha County deputies are investigating a late night stabbing that happened Monday evening at a motel in Jefferson. 31-year old LaSalle Burnett had been drinking heavily, according to deputies, and was taken to a Charleston hospital. Meanwhile, 62-year old Willis McLemore of South Charleston and his daughter, 25-year old Amber McLemore of Nitro had called 911 dispatchers to report their involvement. Deputies learned Amber McLemore and Burnett have several children together. Amber McLemore said that Burnett was supposed to be looking after the children, "but instead took them to a bar where they played with a ball while he became inebriated," according to Corporal BD Humphreys. Amber McLemore told deputies that she and her father went to Burnett's apartment to pick the children up, when the two men got into an argument and that's when the stabbing happened, when Willis McElmore said he tried to defend himself. Deputies said no arrests have been made, and no one is currently pressing charges. But additional information will be taken.