Three West Virginia Schools Awarded Fitness Centers

Governor Tomblin is scheduled to attend a ribbon cutting today at Southside K-8 School in War for the dedication of a fitness center it won as part of a national s. The National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Council is awarding 12 fitness centers in nine days this month. Three are in West Virginia. The othe recipients of fitness centers worth $100,000 each are Stratton Elementary in Beckley and Wheeling's Bridge Street Middle School. These schools were awarded fitness centers for demonstrating innovative ways in promoting physical activity and wellness to their students. Priority was given to schools with a high percentage of participation in free and reduced-price meal programs; those with a significant proportion of students considered to be overweight or obese compared to the state average; and schools demonstrating a robust plan for using the equipment. The Live Positively Fitness Centers are fully funded through public/private partnerships and does not rely on taxpayer dollars or state funding.