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Ed Roberts's Lunch Time Trivia Questions!

How are baby blue eyes connected with a dust trail?
Those baby blues are in Rascal Flatts "Fast Cars and Freedom!
He is one of two to stay with his show during the entire run - he also holds a Guinness record?
Peter Lupus of the original Mission Impossible - he's the oldest person to bench press over 300 pounds!
Male hospital patients do this twice as much as female hospital patients?
Fall out of bed!
Before the Concord broke, this broke the sound barrier?
A cracking whip!
Before the Concord broke, this broke the sound barrier?
A cracking whip!
This has a chort lifetime for its size?
A posum...it is one of the shortest mammals of its size...
In Japan this is Gerber's top selling baby food!
Rice and sardines.....
There are 16 million of these made everyday
The Tootsie Roll company produces 16 million lollipops every day
About 400,000 homes lack this?
Indoor plumbing
About 3 times more than a human?
The average caterpillar has around 2,000 muscles....a human has 700!
Worked hard this week....time to party...VIP or cheap seats....seal the deal?
Words to Feel like a Rock star with Kenney Chesney and Tim McGraw.
He did this at 14?
Dougie Howser graduated from medical school!
Joan Ganz Cooney, Lloyd Morrisett and Jim Henson helped "build" this famous street?
Sesame Street!
Guy Williams made his mark along with Henry Calvin, George J Lewis and Gene Sheldon?
Guy was "Zorro" on the ABC-TV series!
Dropping ping pong balls... moose but no Rocket J Squirrel... bunny rabbit... please and thank you?
Captain Kangaroo!
Happened 16 days from now... sister's in Bel Aire... 200 miles... love stamp... 2 pages on Ramada stationary?
BlackHawk... "Postmarked Birmingham!"
This happened on this day?
The Last Supper!
-30- was used by journalists to mark the end of a story for the copy-editors!
30 is the number?
The number of silver coins Judas took for his betrayal of Jesus!
This is always an even number?
The number of rows of kernals on an ear of corn!
I don't know what to say... I don't understand... I don't know what to do... you fight without speaking... it hurts?
Faith Hill's "It Matters To Me!"
You'd be hard pressed to find this?
An odd number divisible by two! (with a whole number as an answer)
Men prefer this....
Their mother's cooking over their wife's cooking.
Use this to get your skin in shape?
A body scrub made with a little olive oil mixed in recycled coffee grounds!
Battle of the sexes: both he and she can agree on these 3 things?
Cars, pizza and ice cream!