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Ed Roberts's Lunch Time Trivia Questions!

I think of you when I hear stupid songs... spinning wheels aren't for me... change is not in your future... you're not getting any longer?
Sara Evans - "A Little Bit Stronger!"
This contains an estimated $20-billion worth of metals?
The asteroid 3554 Amun which will cross the earth's orbit in 2020!
The colder the air...?
The smaller the snowflake!
This happens at any given moment?
15% of your hair follicles are resting!
One gallon a few years ago down from five gallons in the early 1800's?
The amount of liquor the average American drank per year!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo... don't you cry... I might do this during St Patrick's Day over a Guinness?
Sing "Irish Lullaby!"
This cost us each $42?
The 2010 US Census cost $13 Billion that means each American paid $42.
A Warner Brothers Claim to fame?
In 1935 The Warner Brothers Corset Company created the Alphabet Bra (corset) sizing system....it was described as sanitary black sateen.
This happens 50 times a day
A mother hen turns her egg
Tickle this and it will laugh?
An Ape
These are in starched white shirts?
The bigger piggies! Have you seen the bigger piggies in their starched white shirts? You will find the bigger piggies stirring up the dirt and they always have clean shirts to play in...
Who are Jamie, Michael, Mannix, Edgar, Rosenburg & Sleeble?
Aliens from Men In Black!
A whole bunch of people do this then look to see what happened?
Blow their nose!
This happened when the Prince of Wales visited the White House?
He brought so many guests that President Buchanan had to sleep in the hall!
This is nearly 7 miles?
The deepest spot in any ocean (the Mariana Trench, southwest of Guam)!
Exit off the highway, go deep, cross a creek or two and get lost?
Rascal Flatts' Banjo!
21 the highest?
It's the highest legal drinking age in the world - 21 in the United States!
This doesn't happen every 4 years?
Electing a West Virginia governor!
The chance of this is 1 to 2-5 million?
Catching a blue lobster!
A woman is more likely to be struck by lightning than this?
Giving birth to identical triplets!
In your lifetime you'll do this an average of 7,200 times. Most of the time you enjoy it, though you probably didn't at first
Take a bath
The number is 25....
The average age a woman would like to have a baby
This is smaller than the Mall in D.C.?
Vatican City...
There are more of these than dogs and cats...
97% of work places have these....