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Too tired to shop, hate going to the grocery store. No time to clip coupons, make dinner arrangements, etc. Let me do your shopping and dinner prep for you. I will save you money and time. Can't find time to prepare your meals or just don't like to cook. Let me take care of those dinners and lunches. I have 27 years of experience with catering, meal planning, healthy meal preparation and healthy cooking preparation. For the amount of money you spend eating out you can afford to pay me to prepare quality, inexpensive and healthy meals catered to your preferences or health condition.

Experienced in Mexican, Asian, French, Italian, Tex-Mex Southern traditional, specialty.
How would you like to come home to a fresh, home cooked meal at a fraction of the price a restaurant would charge.

EX: Meatloaf with tangy tomato glaze, buttery mashed potatoes, creamy gravy, choice of vegetables, breads, followed with a pie or custard
Spicy, meaty chili and cornbread
Tangy, hand stuffed Manicotti and garlic rolls

Do you take a lunch to work? Let me pack your lunch for you. No more sandwiches or canned soup. Enjoy a seafood stirfry or homemade soups with fresh baked breads.

I can make your life easier and tastier.

Contact me a for a review and price quote 304-925-3425 or