10/15/13 Britney's Digital Diet

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When BRITNEY SPEARS released her new video "Work [B-Word]", there was some talk that she looked a lot thinner than usual . . . and that maybe she'd gone on a DIGITAL DIET, so to speak. Well, a few raw images of the video have surfaced, and they APPEAR to show that Britney was a little bit thicker before some computer trickery was employed to slim her down.


JENNIFER LOPEZ may be getting tired of her latest plaything.  She's reportedly getting ready to break up with CASPER SMART.  A source says, quote, "She's been hinting that the spark is gone. "They're obviously in very different places in their lives . . . She enjoyed the relationship for what it is, but now that giddiness has turned to sadness." One thing making it tough for her to let go is Casper's relationship with her twins, Max and Emme.  The source says, quote, "They love Casper.  Jennifer's probably going to at least stay friends with him [for their sake]."


Just so you know, SYLVESTER STALLONE was charging $445 for photo ops at New York Comic Con this past weekend, and $395 for autographs.  SIGOURNEY WEAVER charged $200 for photos and $185 for her autograph.  And WILLIAM SHATNER and PATRICK STEWART were "only" charging $75 for autographs.


Kris Jenner’s sister claims she cheated on husband Bruce Jenner. Karen Houghton said Kris admitted to cheating but she wouldn’t say when it took place. Houghton says Bruce is the nicest guy and would have never cheated on her sister and that Kris will find a new man in two days.