10/21/13 J-Lo Single

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Monday, October 21, 2013


The "Star" tabloid says JENNIFER LOPEZ kicked CASPER SMART out . . . and didn't even let him take anything with him. A source says she told him, quote, "You came with nothing, you will leave with nothing."


On her show Friday, ELLEN DEGENERES surprised a 22-year-old New Hampshire waitress with a $10,000 check.  The woman had recently covered the bill for two female National Guard soldiers who weren't being paid due to the government shutdown.


A 33-year-old man named Toby Sheldon has undergone $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like JUSTIN BIEBER.  If I were him, I'd get a refund. Sheldon has had Botox injections, hair transplants and even "smile surgery".  He says, quote, "It's Justin's smile that gives him his youthful look.  So I had my upper lip lifted [and] my bottom lip plumped out."


Ryan Reynolds was forced to strip during a recent plane flight. During a flight from New York City to New Orleans, Ryan had to take his shirt off because a passenger vomited all over him.  A witness says, quote, "A young lady in front of him vomited toward her window, which then spewed back all over Ryan's cashmere sweater. The vomit looked like it was largely made up of red wine, and it made a huge stain so he took it off!”