10/23/12 Michael Lohan Strikes Again

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
ALICIA SILVERSTONE is endorsing a new line of environmentally-friendly vibrating love toys. They're made without harmful chemicals, they have rechargeable batteries and even the packaging is recycled. Alicia says, quote, "It's nice to know that you can get your green on and your groove on at the same time!"
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL gave "People" magazine the exclusive on their Italian wedding. It's in this week's issue, but it'll debut online TOMORROW, a few days before the issue hits newsstands. --Justin says, quote, "It was magical. It was an unforgettable evening." --Jessica adds, quote, "It was a fantasy." And apparently that's all we get until tomorrow.
Sources say MICHAEL LOHAN is trying to get a conservatorship for LINDSAY. --Supposedly, he's going to do this the smart way, by NOT asking to be Lindsay's conservator. That way, nobody can accuse him of going after her money. --Instead, he'll ask the court to appoint someone to oversee Lindsay's affairs. But he has one condition: It can't be Lindsay's mom DINA. --Michael says that if the conservatorship happens, the first thing he'll do is convince whoever's in charge to send Lindsay to rehab. He also wants this person to convince Dina that the Lohans need family therapy. --The big question is, could Michael ever convince a court that HE knows best? Lindsay doesn't think so. --She reportedly told friends, quote, "They would have a hard time believing the claims of someone who was investigated for insider trading, arrested for domestic violence multiple times, arrested for assault, has a drunk driving arrest, and has been in and out of jail and prison for years." --On that note, Lindsay's publicist would like to make it clear that Michael was FULL OF IT when he said that Lindsay's people have his back. --He says, quote, "It's apparent Michael continues to be very focused on getting publicity for himself. Lindsay's team is in no way aligned with him or his actions." --In related news, Lindsay is off the hook for allegedly clipping a pedestrian while trying to maneuver her car into the parking garage of a Manhattan club last month. --After looking at surveillance footage, prosecutors decided there wasn't enough evidence to get a conviction. But Lindsay isn't ready to put the matter completely behind her. Sources say she might sue the accuser for defamation.