10/30/12 Kelsey Grammer Does Unthinkable

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
KELSEY GRAMMER hit up the Playboy Mansion Halloween party over the weekend . . . with his 3-month-old daughter Faith. --TMZ says the baby was, quote, "tucked into her bassinet as the music blared" and Kelsey, quote, "whooped it up at a table next to PARIS HILTON just after midnight." --That didn't sit well with Playmate MELISSA MAY. She Tweeted, quote, "Why the [eff] does Kelsey Grammer have a newborn baby at the Mansion party!?!?!?"
HULK HOGAN has settled his sex tape lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge. There's no word if any money changed hands, but Bubba issued an APOLOGY, saying he doesn't believe Hulk knew he was being recorded or had anything to do with releasing the tape. Hulk is still suing his sex tape partner, Heather Clem, and the website that posted clips from the tape.
Is KIM KARDASHIAN so in love with KANYE WEST that she's willing to ruin her body just to have his kids? --The "National Enquirer" claims that Kim's original plan was to use a surrogate mom in order to preserve the curves that made her . . . and ultimately her entire family . . . famous. But she changed her mind after their romantic trip to Italy. --According to a source, Kim recently said, quote, "All I want now is to be Kanye's wife and the mother of his babies. I don't care WHAT it does to my figure!"
One of TOM CRUISE'S security guards tased a guy TWICE after he climbed over the wall at Tom's house early yesterday morning. Turns out it was a guy who's been living on an adjacent property. He was HAMMERED, and apparently just thought he was at his own place. Tom's attorney says he won't pursue charges.