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4/7/15 Bruce Jenner's Surgery

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015
THE ROCK shared a story on Instagram about meeting a fan with cancer.  He said, quote, "This kid says it's been his life's dream to meet me and tell me how much I've inspired him to fight cancer . . . As I'm drivin' I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting happen."
BRUCE JENNER's interview with DIANE SAWYER will air as a two-hour special on Friday, April 24th at 9:00 P.M.  Meanwhile, RadarOnline says Bruce already got some small BREAST IMPLANTS, and the surgery was filmed for his upcoming E! reality show.
MITT ROMNEY is among the 1% . . . when it comes to filling out March Madness brackets.  He correctly predicted that it would come down to Duke vs. Wisconsin, and that Duke would win.  Overall, Mitt was in the 99.9 percentile . . . and ranked 6,326th out of 11.57 MILLION people on ESPN.com.
The gossip rags have been running wild with stories that Jessica Simpson is using prescription drugs for weight loss to the point of seriously concerning her family, but Gossip Cop says nothing could be further from the truth. In Touch Weekly reported last week that Jessica's family staged an intervention that "turned into a heated fight. [Her sister] Ashlee really called her out and told her she needed to get help, but Jessica freaked and ran out in tears.” A source close to the Simpsons tells the site that reports of Jess's Adderall "addiction" are  "totally false," and no such meeting ever took place.

4/6/15 Clooney Gets Protected in Italy

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Monday, April 6, 2015
JENNIFER LAWRENCE and CHRIS MARTIN are together again.  They were spotted catching a private plane together at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. It's the first time they've been seen together since HARRY STYLES' birthday party on January 31st.  Chris is 31 . . . Jennifer is 24.
For years, GEORGE CLOONEY has owned a villa at Italy's Lake Como, but apparently, the people there can't be trusted to leave him alone.  That, or they have a paparazzi infestation. Britain's "Daily Mail" says the Lake Como town of Laglio has just outlawed approaching George, Amal, and their friends at and around their villas. That also includes trespassing on their land and piloting boats within 100 meters of the coast where their place is.  If you violate any of this stuff, you could be fined $600. But supposedly, these are just TEMPORARY bans that have been put in place to protect the Clooneys from the paparazzi during George's 53rd birthday party, which will be happening there.  His birthday is on May 6th.   It's unclear when the party is.
Leonardo DiCaprio is going to build an eco-resort off the coast of Belize. Leo bought 104 acres of wild, unpopulated land off the coast of Belize and is turning it into an eco-conscious resort. The luxury resort plans to be open in 2018.

4/3/15 Bruce Jenner to Get Sued

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Friday, April 3, 2015
During an interview with Yahoo, PARIS HILTON gave what might be construed as a veiled insult to KIM KARDASHIAN.  They were talking about how Paris was the first socialite reality star, and how Kim followed in her footsteps. And she said, quote, "It's nice to inspire people.  So, yeah.  I'm really proud of her and what she's done."
The stepchildren of the woman who died in the BRUCE JENNER car accident back in February may sue him for WRONGFUL DEATH. Sources say Kim Howe had no blood relatives, and her husband died in 2003.  But HE had two children, who are adults now . . . and they're gearing up for a lawsuit. Interestingly though, sources close to Howe say she had "virtually no relationship" with the kids.  But they're the only people who can legally sue.
Do you think JESSICA SIMPSON sits around and does nothing these days. Think again. Her brand has been purchased by a company that plans to turn it from a $1 billion company into a $3 billion company.

4/2/15 Charlie Sheen Being Threatened

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Thursday, April 2, 2015
Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée claims Charlie injured her during some brutal and bloody arguments. Scottine Rossi split from Sheen last October after living together for 11 months in his multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. She claims that Sheen kicked her when she was pregnant, threatened to kill her, and later allegedly “strangled and choked” her on several occasions. Rossi is now threatening to slap Sheen with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for emotional distress, unless he secures her silence with an out-of-court settlement.
Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin were photographed in Mexico, enjoying a beach vacation together with their kids over the weekend-- one year after announcing their "conscious uncoupling".
And we know that Chris Martin has been linked to Jennifer Lawrence lately, but if you believe OK! magazine, Bradley Cooper is now dating Jennifer. A source says their obvious chemistry has evolved into a real-life romance now that Bradley is single again. “Everyone knows they have great chemistry... and their passion, which they’ve tried to hide, is undeniable. But they also have a lot in common, and they really make each other laugh.” According to the insider, their romance started a few weeks ago in Boston while filming the movie "Joy".
Now that ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS have a kid and are MAYBE married, they're going all the way with the whole domesticity thing.  "Us Weekly" says they're even members of their local neighborhood watch. But since they live in a GATED COMMUNITY, there's really not much to it.

4/1/15 Olivia Wilde Talks About Her Soft Body

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
OLIVIA WILDE says that her body isn't the same since giving birth to her son Otis a year ago . . . quote, "I am not in perfect shape.  In fact, I'm softer than I've ever been, including that unfortunate semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot.  The truth is, I'm a mother, and I look like one."
Legendary folk singer JONI MITCHELL was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at her home in Bel Air yesterday.  A source said her condition was, quote, "quite serious" . . . but she was alert in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  She was in intensive care as of last night.  There's no word what happened.  She's 71.
Fashion designer KARL LAGERFELD isn't the only breadwinner in his family.  Last year, his cat Choupette made more than $3 million on TWO MODELING GIGS. Karl says, quote, "One was for cars in Germany and the other was for a Japanese beauty product.  I don't allow her to do foodstuffs and things like this.  She's too sophisticated for that." How special is this cat?  Karl says, quote, "She hates other animals and she hates children.  She stays always with me and she has two personal maids. They play with her, they have to take care of her beautiful white hair, the beauty treatments for her eyes, and they entertain her.  She is the center of the world.  If you saw her, you would understand."
Julianne Moore won a Best Actress Oscar this year, but her acting chops apparently weren't up to snuff for Turkey's tourism board. Moore was reportedly fired as the face of the country's tourism campaign because of her “poor acting” skills.
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